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New Plasma Source XPR 300


New plasma source XPR 300 TM New plasma torch with a cutting current from 30 to 300 A. Plasma source XPR300 uses ARC Respouset technology, which controls plasma arc and ARC Takes control of a stable arc. These technologies have a beneficial effect on the higher durability of consumables. With unmatched X-DefinitionTM technology, new XPR300 increases cutting speed, cutting quality for black steel, stainless steel and aluminum, dramatically increases productivity and reduces operating costs by more than 50%. Furthermore, the burner has a…

CNC laser machine - FIBRE LASER ARROW


Dear customers, we would like to present you our CNC fibre laser machine FIBRE LASER ARROW. The machine covers the ouput spectre from 1kW to 4kW. Compared to CO2 laser, it has lower investment costs,higher productvity during cutting of the thin materials. With the same power take-off,it has much more output. Highly dynamic, optimised operating cycles and the compact design are the correct measures to give optimum support to the efficient and robust fibre laser technology. Plate alignment recognition, axial accelerations of up to…

Cutting machine Silver Arrow


Dear customers, Thereby we would like to present you our cutting machine Silver Arrow. It is CNC machine in lightweight portal design, mainly based on sheet metal cutting from thin materials. This machine is designed for plasma cutting technology. The maximum speed is 40m/min and the maximum thickness of the cut material is 20 mm. This type of machine has compact portal construction with integrated movable table and movable exhausting container, which moves parallel with the portal during the cutting process. Basic part of…